When it comes to sports betting, players need to be guaranteed of the best odds and bet combinations. This can only be assured by popular sports like the NFL which is widely known in every corner of the United States. Its popularity is even greater than that of baseball which is the official American Pastime. Below is a rundown of various sports in the country and their popularity.

The popularity of Various US Sports

American Football

American Football dominates the US landscape with 77% of the 320+ million inhabitants being adamant fans. It as such makes a great pick for any gambler wishing to test their luck. Betting options are numerous stretching from the obvious win or lose, players to score, a number of goals or points, fouls, and individual player performances among others.


Basketball is popular amongst 24% of the population of the United States. That is a huge number considering a population of over 320 million individuals. Basketball courts are also filled to the brim during game days all over the country as fans keep up with their favorite players and teams.

Horse Racing

20% of American sports fans are enthusiastic horse racing fans. Gamblers of this old-age sport also benefit from numerous bet combinations.


Baseball is another classic US sport that is widely considered as a pastime in the country. It is widely popular among gamblers and fans who fill their favorite baseball stadiums each game day to catch a piece of the action.


Soccer is widely popular in Europe but its popularity in the US is not as great. However, it still enjoys a huge share of US sports fans. Up to 9% of the population enjoy the game with each major city having a team of its own or two in the US Major League Soccer.