Sports are thrilling both as a pastime and an economic activity. They are practiced differently all over the United States. However, some games cut across all the regions as they are highly popular and are incredibly loved by gamblers. American Football is the most popular of all sports. 77% of all sports lovers in the country claim to love American Football. It is difficult to find a town or district in the United States that does not have a structured football tournament or league.

How American Football is Subdivided

Almost every school in the United States has a football team. Players learn early enough to get used to the game and get into competitive teams when they reach junior high. Most teams at such stages are matched by schools and the school districts. At the college level, most players play for their respective colleges. The college teams participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s football league.

Elite players get picked to join the National Football League by individual teams where they play professionally. The NCAA and the NFL start at almost the same time of the year even though the NCAA has more teams and as such more games. The NFL has several tiers that build up as the year lapses, enhancing the suspense of both fans and players. This builds up close to a full year of betting.

Some of the main events include the bowls which see the betting handles grow significantly bigger. This is especially around mid-December when the major bowls start. The Wild Card Weekend and NFL Playoffs have 4 games in total that also generate an enormous handle for sportsbooks. The widespread gambling at such a time is incredibly evident in Las Vegas where tourism soars up. The betting season concludes with the Super Bowl which is the single largest betting event in the United States.