The subject of sports betting has been a contentious one in the United States until recently. Most states had banned the act of wagering on active sports especially those played within the country. However, recently tides have shifted and things are looking up for the sports betting industry.

The US Supreme Court in 2019 lifted the ban on sports betting outside the Nevada region. Most states took that as an opportunity to legalize sports wagering and currently more than 18 have done so. As of 2018, players in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Indiana, Colorado, and Tennessee can bet on sports legally.

However, players have to know the right sports to bet on to win real money. There are numerous sports played all across the United States but only a few are fit to bet on. Football is obviously one of the main sports all over the country followed by other sports like basketball and baseball.

They are widely bet on and bookies all over have numerous odds to raise players’ chances of winning. Other games like soccer and hockey are also played throughout the nation but have less popularity. This means that their wagering activity is low. Below is a rundown of the most popular sports in the United States.

Summary of the Most Popular US Sports

American Football

It is the most-played sport all over the United States. The National Football League is the sport’s professional level. However, betting companies also open up wagers for college football games.


The sport is played professionally under the National Basketball Association which has games running throughout the year.


The sport is mainly run professionally by the US Major League Baseball.

● Hockey

The National Hockey League organizes and controls the matches played.

● Soccer

Mainstream soccer in the United States is classified under Major League Soccer.

● Horse Racing

Horse races are organized throughout the year with peak times at spring